Baden U’Ren is an award winning innovation professional and industry recognised keynote speaker on the impact of innovation on organisations, industries and communities.

Corporate Innovation

Baden’s work with organisations usually begins with a targeted workshop, often leading into more focused work on the development and delivery of an innovation-driven strategy. He has worked across the financial services, media, transport, manufacturing and professional sports industries.

Inspirational Speaker

Blending over ten years of experience as Head of Entrepreneurship at Bond University with extensive experience with startups, innovative organisations and entrepreneurial communities, Baden provides unique insights into challenges faced and opportunities present in today’s uncertain world. 


Baden works closely with schools and education authorities to design and develop experiential entrepreneurship education programs, building entrepreneurial capability in our youth. 



Media Commentator

As a recognised and trusted authority on innovation, entrepreneurship and the startup world,  Baden is often sought to provide insightful commentary on the innovation  economy, developing entrepreneurial capabilitity in organisations and communities, and the future of education.

“We must face the challenges of an uncertain world with a mindset of optimism and abundance; with opportunity in our eyes and possibilities at our feet”

                                                – Baden U’Ren

Keynote Topics

Harnessing the Revolution

Disruption is hitting us all. How can we remain competitive in an ultra-connected world?

The Startup Superpower

What factors drive the success of startups, and how can we replicate these in larger organisations to boost innovation and performance?

Growth and Scale

Growth is both exhilarating and challenging! What are the pitfalls and how do we drive the growth of the organisation?

Empowering Leadership

Empowerment drives innovative capability, but how do we enable freedom and responsibility while protecting the firm from loss?


You can connect with Baden via LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, or simply send an email to get in touch.

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