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2015 25/Aug

What a Day! The Bond University Silicon Valley Study Tour kicked off with a visit to RocketSpace and a chat with CEO Duncan Logan. Such gems as “stay strong to your True North”, “all the money in the world will never beat the best people” and “there’s a shift from capitalism to talentism” will stick […]

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2015 13/Aug

The third running of the Bond Business Accelerator culminated in an outstanding Demo Day last night, with nine startups pitching to a sold-out crowd of appreciative onlookers at Bond University. 18 year old Navdeep Pasricha delivered a powerful message about teen mental health and what his startup iYouth is doing about it, and in the process […]

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2015 10/Aug

Any movement needs its champions, and Queensland’s shift into an innovation economy has many worthy of this title. It has been coming for a while, but the Palaszczuk government’s $180m budgetary commitment to support research and innovation has galvanised a fledgling movement to take action. The Best and Brightest Fund receives $50m to develop, attract […]

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2015 10/Mar

    I am quoting from the Queensland Startup Summit Report, published by the State of Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts in May 2014, in which the former Minister Ian Walker reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial culture in Queensland. Why, you may ask, is the […]

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2015 6/Feb

  I am often met with raised eyebrows when I say I teach entrepreneurship. “No!” “Surely not!” “You can’t teach that!” …but I can. And I do. And Australia’s education system NEEDS TO for us to be globally relevant in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape. I am moved to write this by two recent events. Aaron […]

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2014 25/Nov

  Global Entrepreneurship Week has come to an end and what a ride it has been. Here is some insight to some of the things I have been involved with over the past 7 days: some intensely, some with passion, and others with proud reflection. Student Entrepreneur: Hollie Gordon, founder of Milaana and inaugural member […]

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2014 21/Nov

The second incarnation of the Bond Business Accelerator culminated with the inaugural Gold Coast Demo Day on Wednesday November 19th, an official event of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Our six startups presented along with the six startups from the SURF Accelerator and impressed all with their impressive pitches. The buzz surrounding the networking event was palpable […]

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2014 11/Nov

Following the release of the Future Gold Coast report I was asked to comment on what business would look like in 20 years. The following is a link to the interview.

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2014 29/Oct

The Gold Coast Titans are running a Business Breakfast tomorrow morning and I’ll be giving a brief talk on the role of innovation in business. My key message will be that the modern business environment is hyper-competitive, with competition emerging from unexpected places at a frightening pace. Now more than ever a business must have […]

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