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2016 31/Mar

How do we, as educators, make academic material relevant? How can we translate the immense value held in considered and empirically-relevant theory in a way that not only makes sense to our students, but empowers them to improve their ability to reason and act? Authentic experience is the key. Below you will find an authentic, uncut, un-edited, […]

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2016 9/Mar

Entrepreneurs are the artists of the business world. Creativity, intrinsic motivation, responding to a higher purpose… these attributes are shared by dancers, musicians and entrepreneurs alike. If we look at the ways in which artists are trained, we note a highly collaborative and experiential approach: painters learn to paint by painting; my daughter learns to […]

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2016 7/Mar

One of Professor Ian Chubb‘s final statements in his role as Australia’s Chief Scientist was a call for Universities to play a pivotal role in Boosting High Impact Entrepreneurship in Australia. At Bond University we are in a unique position to respond, given our status as Australia’s only private not-for-profit university. Indeed, the words one of […]

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