Titans Business Breakfast

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The Gold Coast Titans are running a Business Breakfast tomorrow morning and I’ll be giving a brief talk on the role of innovation in business. My key message will be that the modern business environment is hyper-competitive, with competition emerging from unexpected places at a frightening pace. Now more than ever a business must have its eyes on the future, reinventing itself to ensure it continues to deliver value to its customers. Uber’s recent launch on the Gold Coast is a classic example: it is probable that five years ago Gold Coast Cabs was not even considering this type of competitive threat, let alone a 5-year-old global company worth more than $18 billion.

Many think that innovation is the realm of either progressive big business or the startup, but it is just as important for SMEs to be innovative. I’ll be sharing a couple of key tips to drive an innovation imperative through an organisation and hopefully inciting some spirited discussion. Check out the Titans Facebook page for registration details.

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